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Product Growth for Fitness APP and Water Bottle 

At Ozmo, I conducted user interviews and data analytics to better understand how our users in the U.S. used the product; than worked with the development teams in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to prioritize improvements and grow the business.

Product Growth for Digital Sustainable Fashion Marketplace

I coordinated work between an amazing cross-functional team of designers, developers and founders to build a marketplace for sustainable fashion, using my ability to “speak the language” of each functionality. Taking a data-driven approach I worked with the VIPOP team to build an experience centered around shoppers in Hong Kong looking for a more conscious approach to stunning fashion.

 Opportunity Space Research for intel

Intel tasked our Hult team to research opportunity spaces in the Chinese market. We started by interviewing hundreds of business owners in China. We then corroborated our interview insights with market data. Our team’s recommendation was chosen by Intel to drive significant improvements in Intel China’s growth.

Tech Training and Acceleration for Non-Tech Founders

I upskilled executives and founders with new tech skills and the ability to create fast-to-market MVPs in 9 weeks. I worked with founders to build teams of project managers, designers, and developers, mentoring and handling team issues 24/7  and a context similar to a startup accelerator batch.

Project Management for Houston Non-Profits

I organized and managed a team of young advertising professional on pro-bono project for a Houston area nonprofit. Our team of videographers, audio engineers, designers, and writers built advertising campaigns driving awareness for Paws for Heroes and Lily’s Toy Box.

Multi-National Digital Presence for High End Fashion Brand

The CRUSH Collection is a high-end cashmere brand that was looking to expand abroad. Our challenge was overcoming the differing tech stack and user expectations between China and the West. We built a solution localizing language, payment (WeChat & credit cards), and platforms (web-based & WeChat mini app).


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