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Founders, Managers, and Teammates


Marc is a natural startup leader and manager who speaks to anyone and makes an impression that leads to followups.


Not only can he make sound judgments on tech, but his intuition for people also leads to great insights on product users.


His ability to "speak tech" commands the respect of developers and business people, bridge the two sides to create products without wasting resources due to misunderstanding.


Marc is one of these people you want to meet more of because they're trustworthy and give more than they take. Generous, respectful, and a team-player, he would be a great asset - especially to those building a culture around good people.

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Dounan Hu

Managed Marc directly as Program Director / Partner at Le Wagon Shanghai

I met Marc many years ago when we worked for Banana Republic, these days I have the pleasure of working with him as a partner at Affinity Culture, it really comes to show you that every link in your network is important. I have had the pleasure of working with Marc on a number of varied projects both abroad and at home, if there is one thing I've learned about Marc is that if he needs to learn a new skill for a project he won't just learn it but master it. I've seen it time and time again and it never stops amazing me, I am glad that I have had someone like him in my team on so many projects.

Guido Falconi 

Worked directly with Marc on multiple projects

Marc is super responsible and detail-oriented, I trust him 100%.

Vivian Chang

Client of Marc as CEO & Founder of CRUSH c

Marc worked with us for a year as Growth Product Manager and he has shown great dedication to quality work and is passionate in what he does at times. The entire Ozmo team really enjoyed working with Marc. Marc is a great team player and can get along very well with everyone in the team. In the marketing role, Marc has always taken initiative in making things happen. Even in the remote relationship which Marc worked most of the time in Houston while the HQ is in Hong Kong, Marc proves that he is reliable and efficient.

Serena Pau

Managed Marc directly as

Founder of Ozmo

I've had the opportunity to work with Marc at a very early stage of our startup VIPOP and have been consistently impressed with his diligence, efficiency and ability to get things done. Mark worked with my team of designer, marketing and external developers in different parts of the world namely Asia, US and LATAM. He's very pleasant to work with and I don't hesitate recommending him.

Lenia Perez

Managed Marc directly as Director of VIPOP



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